About (English)

Our mission

The Smurfnet IRC network was founded to offer a safe haven for open discussion, free from outside interference/influence and with guaranteed anonimity. We not only offer end-to-end encrypted connections, but also hide the IP-addresses and hostnames of all our users. Lastly, we only log the absolute minimum of information to keep our network operational (no personal or identifiable data).

Our rules

Anonimity still brings responsibility, so the rules for the Smurfnet IRC network are as follows:

– The Dutch Computer Criminal Laws apply
– Common sense prevails

For example, our network may not be used:

– as a means of attacking, or to coordinate attacks on networks, hosts, etc.
– to control bots/botnets
– trade in copyrighted information of any kind (warez et al.)

Please note: there may be additional rules on a per-server basis. For more information, check the ‘Message of the Day’ (/motd) of the server you’re using.